NATCA's Rally Participation Remains Strong
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Saturday, March 26, Southern California NATCA activists joined 20,000-plus union members and citizens in a march for jobs through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The chill in the air and a few raindrops did not deter the activists and family members from joining their Sisters and Brothers in the two-mile march to Pershing Square.

Led by Western-Pacific Regional Vice-President Hamid Ghaffari, the rally drew activists from ZLA, SCT, LAX, LGB, SNA and EMT.


Above: Western Pacific RVP Hamid Ghaffari and his son, Ryan, sport their NATCA solidarity.


Above: NATCA members gather outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Several of our NATCA Brothers and Sisters also joined protesters in the Hudson, Wisc., demonstration, which took place on March 13. Our participants even provided a stand where they offered coffee and hot chocolate to the day's protesters. "The event was a HUGE success and NATCA's visibility was very much noticed and appreciated," shared ZMP FacRep Craig Boehne.


Above: FacRep Craig Boehne, Mark Prairie, Ethan Piche

Above: George Skvicalo, Bruce Steeples, Chris Swanson, Mark Prairie

Above: Chris Swanson, Cathy Keller, Larry Nuorala, 
Eric Peterson

Right: ZMP member Bruce Steeples