LR Corner
Wednesday, January 05, 2011

FLRA Issues Complaint When FAA Threatens to Pursue Investigation for Filing a Grievance
The FLRA Boston Regional Office recently issued a complaint when a FAA manager threatened to pursue discipline because the union filed a grievance. The underlying facts established that an employee was questioned about tardiness by the manager. The employee was not afforded union representation for this examination. Upon finding this out, NATCA filed a grievance and alleged a violation of Article 6 of the contract. Once the manager found out about the grievance, the manager approached the employee and queried whether or not the employee knew the union had filed the grievance. When the employee said he knew NATCA had filed the grievance the manager indicated that, while originally she had not intended to pursue the matter, she was now going to make a big deal of the alleged tardiness. As expected, the FLRA found this to be an impermissible threat and issued a complaint. The hearing is scheduled for the end of January.