CFS Update: Lodging
Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things are a little different this year than in the past, so please read the following information about how to make sure you have a room available when you arrive for CFS:

If you have registered for CFS and indicated that you want a single room, NATCA will pay for 50% of your room for the three nights of the conference. The difference is this: you will be responsible for making your own reservation at the Rio. As with any hotel reservation, you will be required to make a credit card deposit and you will be subject to no-show charges if you don't cancel or change your reservation within the hotel's guidelines.

Once you've checked into the hotel, one half of your room charge with taxes for the three nights of the conference will be transferred to the NATCA master account. This will be reflected on your final bill at checkout.

If you indicated on your registration that you are willing to share a room with another dues-paying member, the CFS committee will make your room reservation for you for the nights of March 21, 22 and 23 and your entire room charge for those three nights will be covered by NATCA. You will not be required to call the hotel or leave a credit card deposit. You will still, however, be required to leave a credit card on file at check in to cover for any incidental expenses you may incur during your stay.

For those in shared rooms, your name won't be associated with your reserved room until about two weeks prior to CFS. So if you call the hotel, they will not be able to confirm your reservation. Once we get the confirmation numbers, we will send those out to you via e-mail.

As of Dec. 13, 169 people have signed up for CFS. One hundred twenty-six people have begun the registration process but, for whatever reason, not completed their registration.

Remember, you have to register for the conference AND you have to put your name on the list if you want to get official time for attending. This is a two-step process.

Without exception, if you want to receive duty time for the conference, you must fill out and submit this form no later than January 28, 2011:

So please, even if you're not sure you'll be able to attend, even if you wait until you actually get to Vegas to sign up for the conference itself, fill out and submit the form before the deadline "just in case."

As always, please contact me or any member of the National Safety Committee if you have any questions.

Official CFS Website:

See you in Vegas!

Gini Briggs