LR Corner
Friday, December 10, 2010

FLRA Issues Complaint over FAA's Failure to Provide Information

The FLRA issued a complaint and notice of hearing concerning a ULP charge filed the NATCA in the Aircraft Certification bargaining unit. After the agency issued a Letter of Counseling to the facility representative, allegedly for making disruptive comments under his breath about irritating e-mails, the union filed a grievance and an information request to investigate the basis for the Letter of Counseling. The agency failed to respond to the first request for information. After the union filed a second information request, the agency responded but refused to provide the requested information, claiming that since a Letter of Counseling is “non-disciplinary” the union did not have a right to the requested information. The FLRA agreed with the union that the agency violated the Statute by refusing to provide the requested information and filed the complaint. The case is scheduled for hearing in January 2011.