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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NATCA Wins Election to Represent 2186 Employees at Service Centers

On October 20, 2010, the FLRA conducted a count of ballots to determine whether NATCA would be the exclusive representative for the 2186 employees at the ATO Service Centers. By way of background, the agency had slowly been converting vacant NATCA positions, either 8xx engineers or 2152 staff specialists, to the 2186 series, thereby removing work from our bargaining units. NATCA filed an election petition to secure representation of the group as a response to the agency’s actions. With this election victory the agency will have to deal exclusively with NATCA on all matters pertaining to the working conditions of these 2186 employees in the Service Centers, in addition to our existing Engineers and Staff Specialists units.

Interim Agreement Signed for DoD Controllers Located in Los Alamitos, Calif.

Civilian Air Traffic Controllers employed by the Army National Guard in Los Alamitos, Calif., (SLI) voted to be represented by NATCA. The petition was certified by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) in August 2009.

NATCA and the Army National Guard signed an Interim Agreement effective September 27, 2010. The Agreement covers various work rules, a grievance procedure, and a mid-term bargaining process. The Interim Agreement is in effect until a collective bargaining agreement is reached. NATCA and the DoD, Army National Guard will proceed to finalizing the Ground Rules Agreement on negotiations for the collective bargaining agreement. Bargaining will begin shortly.

The facility representative at SLI is Ryan Holaway.

FLRA Upholds Arbitration Award Which Held That FAA Violated Facility Validation MOU

In an unanimous decision, 65 FLRA #37, the FLRA dismissed the FAA's exceptions over an arbitration award that found that the FAA violated the upgrade MOU when it failed to conduct validations at ZLA, ZMA and ZHU. The FLRA rejected the FAA argument that the grievances concerned classification since it dealt with the reclassification of facilities not individual positions. The FLRA also denied the FAA's management rights and intervening events arguments.