NATCA-FAA Collaborative Process Begins
Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today is an important milestone – it’s been one year since the implementation of the NATCA-FAA collective bargaining agreement covering the air traffic controller, NOTAM and Traffic Management bargaining units.

To mark this occasion, we are very pleased to announce that work has begun at 10 test sites across the country in order to implement formal FAA/NATCA collaborative processes. These sites will work on ad hoc issues that are procedural, technological and/or airspace related, and we will be utilizing their efforts to understand what works well and build on their successes for future expansion.

NATCA and the FAA have committed to work collaboratively to enhance our quality of work life and to improve operational performance. We know that collaboration will serve as the foundation for us to better meet our mission of assuring the safety and efficiency of the NAS.

In order to create a sustainable relationship, we recognize the need to put in structured frameworks to bring together leaders at all levels, and across organizational units, to develop processes, provide support and education to subsequent levels and continually measure success while learning from the varying initiatives. Senior leaders from the FAA and NATCA have formed a Joint Strategic Team in a collaborative working group to develop and guide the process for our efforts.

It is critical that we collaborate at the field level, which in many cases is different from how we’ve done business in the past. Our 10 test sites will help support that shift.

For each test site, we’ll be training the primary facility labor and management leaders as Joint Sponsors. Their role will be to select the issue and scope it, establish the team, and ensure it has the training, tools and resources it needs to resolve issues collaboratively.

The test sites are:

•            Alaskan Region: Anchorage TRACON (A11)

•            Central Region: Kansas City Center (ZKC)

•            Eastern Region: Washington Center (ZDC)

•            Great Lakes Region: Chicago O’Hare Tower (ORD)

•            New England Region: Boston Logan Tower (BOS)

•            Northwest Mountain: Salt Lake TRACON (S56)

•            Southern Region: San Juan CERAP (ZSU)

•            Southwest Region: Houston TRACON (I90)

•            Western Pacific Region: Oakland Center (ZOA)

•            Region X: Southwest Regional Office (ASW)


We know that collaboration is a better way to resolve issues, make decisions and successful results. It is a big change for our organizations and will not be easy. We expect to make mistakes but commit to learn from them.

This is an opportunity that we believe is in the best long-term interest of our respective organizations, our members, and in the accomplishment of our mission. We’re committed and dedicated to moving ahead with this process with our best effort.


Thank you,

Paul Rinaldi

NATCA President


Trish Gilbert

NATCA Executive Vice President