NATCA Benefits Committee Looking for Members
Thursday, September 30, 2010

NATCA is looking for Active or Retired/RNAV members wishing to join the NATCA Benefits Committee (NBC). 

As a member on the committee, members should expect the following:

1.     Full Committee meetings in Washington, D.C. at least twice a year for approximately two days each time plus travel.

2.     Occasional Webinars/Telcons as necessary. Committee members will be expected to participate on these Telcons to the maximum extent possible.

3.     Members will need to be familiar with the benefits that NATCA currently offers.

4.     Members will be asked to suggest, investigate, review, evaluate and assess suitable benefit options that may be offered to the NATCA membership.

5.     Once a new NATCA member benefit is approved and implemented, the NATCA Benefits Committee, or other entity as required by Statute or determined by the NEB, will monitor, manage and maintain the benefit to the extent required by Statute or determined by the NEB.

6.     The committee will report and make recommendations to the National Executive Board (NEB) concerning potential benefits.

Members wishing to be considered for membership on the NATCA Benefits Committee should submit their request through their RVP.