NATCA Members Serving in the Military

Are you, or a union brother or sister you know, serving in the military?

In appreciation for all members of the NATCA family who are currently serving or have once served our country, we would like you to send us your military pictures for proud display below! Send any pictures you would like added, as well as the military branch, years of service and current NATCA facility to

Wendy and Marc Schneider, (Indianapolis ARTCC, ZID): Wendy served the United States Air Force from 1988 to 2000, at Elgin Air Force Base. Mark served in the USAF, 5th Combat Comm., 1986-1994; Co G 238th ATCF; Indiana National Guard 1994-2008, Retired.

Jason Chipkin (Long Beach, Calif. ATCT, LGB): United States Marine Corps Sergeant 2001-2006; air traffic control, tower and PAR/ASR radar final approach control. MCAS New River, NC; OIF Iraq: Al Qa'im, Al Taqadam, Al Asad; OEF: Djibuti.

Jason Lesser (Teterboro ATCT, TEB): Sergeant, Second Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, 1999-2004. Deployed to Afghanistan and Jordan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in 2002, and again in 2003. 2/75 Mortars A Section "Red Horse." Ranger Class 11-00, Rangers Lead The Way (RLTW).

Mike Weekley (Columbus ATCT, CMH): United States Marine Corps, Corporal, 2003-2007.

Tara Zeck (Tomball D.W. Hooks ATCT, DWH): United States Army, August 1996-December 2003. Before DWH worked at Alliance ATCT (AFW), 2006-2008. Pictured with husband Robert Zeck, retired United States Army Infantry, Sergeant First Class, 1992-2012.

Michelle Fernandez (North Philadelphia ATCT, PNE): United States Navy, served active duty 1998-2006. Currently serving the remainder of her time in the Navy Reserves. "I proudly serve my Navy Combat team with Honor, Courage & Commitment," said Fernandez."

Adam Rhodes (Houston TRACON, I90): "I enlisted for five years as an air traffic controller from 1998-2003.  I was stationed at MCAS New River for most of my enlistment.  I actually got to serve in the same squadron that my Grandfather served in during World War II. One of the most memorable moments of my time in the Marine Corps was working during 9/11. I was a tower supervisor at the time at 21 years old.  I remember first hearing of the planes crashing into the towers. We turned the TV on and a short time after the first tower collapsed.  We were getting message after message on the FDIO to ground all airplanes.  I worked 14 hours that day in the tower.  For the next week we transitioned from our normal shifts to working 12 hours on 24 hours off so our aircraft could support the relief efforts in NY.  It was a lot of work, but one of the most rewarding experiences in my short career in the Marines."

John Riccardi (Newark ATCT, EWR): Served four years in the United States Air Force at Offut Air Force Base.

Jaime Rosso (Monterey ATCT, MRY): United States Air Force, 1998-2003; four years of service plus four months of stop loss.

Bryan Roberts (Fort Worth Center, ZFW): United States Army, 1996-2000.

Justin Whetstone (Phoenix TRACON, P50): United States Air Force, 2002-2008. Pictured here at Osan Air Force Base in South Korea, 2005-2006.

Missouri Air National Guard - 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron - Left to right: Staff Sergeant Chris McLeland (11 years), SMSGT Sean Groceman (22 years), TSGT Tony Dehaven (14 years). Sean now works at Wichita ATCT (ICT).

Michelle Trudeau (Indianapolis Center, ZID): United States Air Force, seven years; Wyoming Air National Guard, 1.5 years.

Patrick Carr (Greensboro ATCT): United States Marine Corps Corporal, 1999-2004. Denver Center 2006-2011.

Edmund Granton (Facility Rep., Teterboro Tower, TEB): United States Navy, NAS Whiting Field, Fla. 2005-2010. Served as Facility Watch Supervisor KNDZ & KNSE.

Dan Amato (Albany Tower/TRACON, ALB): Dan was in the United States Air Force from 1999 to 2004; 57 OSS Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Here he is working coordinator position for Nellis Test and Training Range.

Front row, left to right: Kathy McAuley (Air Force 1982-1986), Ron McAuley (Air Force Active Duty 1982-1990 and Air Force Reserve 2010-present. Northern California TRACON, NCT)

Back row, left to right: Amanda McAuley (Air Force, November 2010-present), Matthew McAuley (November 2011-present, presently deployed to Afghanistan)

Wayne Hall (Aspen Pitken County Tower, ASE): United States Air Force, 1979-2000.

Eric Menard (Austin Tower and TRACON, AUS): Staff Sergeant, United States Army. Served May 1999-2008. Tours of duty in South Korea, Italy, Afghanistan and various locations throughout the continental United States. Photo taken at the American Cemetery and Memorial in Florence, Italy.

Dave Riley (Denver Tower, DEN): United States Marine Corps, 1987-1996.

Teresa Pavljuk (Houston Center, ZHU): Current Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. This picture is from her OND tour April 2011 - December 2011 in Baghdad, Iraq. Items in the bag were donations from troops for local Baghdad children.

(Above and below) Christel Terrell (Moline Tower, MLI):
USMC June '98-June '03; Air Traffic Controller at MCAS Miramar and additional TAD at MCAS Cherry Point due to 9/11.

Nate Pair (Los Angeles Center, ZLA): Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was in the Air Force from 2000-2005.

Kurtis Morley (Region X, ENM Charter Member). Kurtis (left) is joined by his father in 1989 at Fort Hood, Texas, serving with the Army Corps of Engineers Construction Area Office. His father was a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant; a radar controller/crew chief. Kurtis served for nine years in active duty and one year with the Idaho Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer Officer. His active duty service - served in Berlin, Germany (Army of Occupation/ Berlin Brigade) '83-'86; Ft. Belvoir, Va. ('87); Ft. Hood, Texas ('87-90); 44th Combat-Engineer Battalion in Korea ('90-'91), and Walla-Walla District, ACOE ('91-'92). He has been an FAA F&E Engineer for the 20 years since then.

Derek Bittman (Atlanta Center, ZTL); Derek was the rifle and pistol shooting coach and marksmanship instructor for his squadron at United States Marine Corps MCAF Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, in 1998. He served from 1996-2004.

(Above and two photos below) Ham Ghaffari (Los Angeles Center, Western Pacific Regional Vice President); Served 1983-1988. Was assigned to VMGR-352 as a USMC Aerial Navigator.

(Above and both photos below) Chris Boughn (Washington Center, ZDC), U.S. Army Air Traffic Control.

(Above) Teresa Mathieu (Minneapolis TRACON, M98), USAF from 1986-1989 (picture above was from 1987). (Below) Roger Mathieu (Minneapolis TRACON, M98), USAF from 1984-1992 (picture is also from 1987).

Curtis Janssen (Bismarck Tower, BIS). Deployment from August 2008 - June 2009. F Co. 1-189th AVN RGMT MN Army National Guard, Little Falls, Minn. (Camp Ripley). Was in Mosul, Iraq.

Zackary Kolle (Bismarck Tower, BIS). Deployed with Janssen from August 2008 - June 2009. F Co. 1-189th AVN RGMT MN Army National Guard, Little Falls, Minn. (Camp Ripley). Was in Mosul, Iraq.

From left to right: Jake Houchins (UND CTI Student), Zackary Kolle (Bismarck Tower), Jacob Neu (Minneapolis Center), Dan Mork (EAU Contract Tower).

SGT Zach Parker (Champaign Tower, CMI); 75th Ranger Regiment & 4/11 Field Artillery (Airborne). Served from 1994-2001. Photo from 1997.

SGT Yasemin Parker (Indianapolis Center, ZID), wife of Zach Parker. Served from 1994-2000. Photo from 1998.

Amy Brunelle (Atlanta Center, ZTL)A; Operation Southern Watch Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia. She served in the Air Force from 1999-2006. This photo was taken in Spring 2000.

Ben Gunter (Los Angeles Center, ZLA), taken in 2003 at Grafenwoehr training grounds in Germany. U.S. Army 13f Fire Support Specialist "FO."

Bruce Davis (Los Angeles Center, ZLA); Served in U.S. Army 1981-1984; Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, and Ft. Riley, Kan.


Jeff Manbeck (Indianapolis Center, ZID): Kirkuk, Iraq, Apr-Oct 2009.
241st Air Traffic Control Squadron, St. Joseph, MO.  


David Peralta (Hilo Tower/TRACON, ITO): Operation Jump Start, providing comms for a small army battery in the desert
off the mexican border.
Satellite Communications Specialist, 291st Combat Communications Squadron, HI Air National Guard, Hilo, HI.


Jim Trubisky (Toledo Express Tower, TOL): Passing through Qatar in a British Tornado.
North Carolina Air National Guard.


Raul Garza (Region X): In charge of a helicopter passenger
terminal, "Catfish Air," while I was in Balad, Iraq.
Washington National Guard (2003-present)

John P. Jones (retired): Republic of South Korea, 1978.
SSgt USAF (1972-1984), Jet Engine Tech (1972-1974), Air
Traffic Controller (1974-1984), 10 Conus Assignments
(Guam 1972-Thailand 1972-S. Korea 1978


Ethan Abelov (Eugene Tower, EUG): Yokota AB, Tokyo, Japan, 1998
Air Force


Julie Westhoff (Chicago Center, ZAU): Flag ceremony after return from a tour in Iraq, 2009.  
U.S. Air National Guard Technical Sergeant

Darren Fiscalini (Casper Tower, CPR): Performing the duties as Bridge Radar Operator relaying information to Combat Information Center onboard USS Stethem DDG-63 off the coast of San Diego, Calif.  
Served onboard the USS Stethem from March 1998 to March 2003.

Sarah Titone (High Desert TRACON, E10): Afghanistan, 2011.
Air Force

From left to right: Larry Hagen (Broomfield Jefferson County Tower, BJC), Ken Evans (Chicago Center, ZAU), Tim Smith (Salt Lake City Center, ZLC), Shawn Reuth (Twin Falls Tower, TWF), Paul Zaring (Pasco Tri Cities Tower, PSC)
243rd Air Traffic Control Squadron, Wyoming Air National Guard
Deployed in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom
December 2001