NATCA in the Media

Print and Online Articles
USA Today's Ask Air Traffic Control series, featuring NATCA Director of Safety and Technology Dale Wright:
How Many Controllers Handle Each Cross Country Flight?
Dealing With Weather Delays
Most Interesting Airports
Instructions For Takeoff
When Flights Declare Emergencies
Could An Amateur Pilot Land a Jet?
Flying in the Busiest Airspace
When Are Holding Patterns Used?
USA's Most Challenging Airports
Handling Airlines and General Aviation
Why Are Thunderstorms So Dangerous?
Flying in Tornado Season
When Radio Contact Fails
Routing Flights Around Hurricanes


TV and Online Video Stories

CBS News: No Cliff Deal Means Huge Cuts for FAA (December 2012)

Huffington Post Live: Budget Cuts Shut Down 149 Air Traffic Towers (March 2013)

CNBC Squawk Box: Sequestration Travel Woes (April 2013)

CNN: Shutdown Hits Working Americans (October 2013)