NATCA History Spotlight

The NATCA Charitable Foundation

NATCA30 Spotlight

In August 1994, Darrell Meachum, a Fort Worth Center controller, hoped to pool the efforts of many NATCA locals that ran charity fundraisers and bring recognition to the air traffic control profession. His wife Cathy, a dental hygienist with a background running auctions for the American Cancer Society, shared his passion.

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March 3, 2017 // NATCA’s First National Elections


NATCA’s First Elected National Executive Board. 

From left to right: Will Faville Jr., Alaskan Region; President Steve Bell; Jim Breen, New England Region; Joseph Bellino, Great Lakes Region; Barry Krasner, Eastern Region; Dan Brandt, Central Region; Executive Vice President Ray Spickler; Lee Riley, Southern Region; Ed Mullin, Southwest Region; and Gary Molen, Northwest Mountain Region. Not pictured is Richard Bamberger, Western Pacific Region.

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The Importance of NATCA Training

NATCA30 Spotlight

When a group of new FacReps gather next week in Las Vegas for the first of four NATCA Academy Basic Rep Training classes scheduled for this year, they will continue a proud and valuable tradition in this Union of training and education that began with a few classes in 1989 and the launch of a formal training program in the same year.

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March 10, 2017 // NATCA 30 - Wrapping Up Our Look Back at the 1980s

NATCA30 Spotlight

(NATCA would like to thank the NATCA Historical Committee, Howie Barte, Dee Robison, and Mike Palumbo for lending their efforts and expertise to NATCA30 coverage.)

This week, we mark the end of our NATCA30 coverage for the 1980s and prepare to delve into the 1990s era history of our great Union.

The story of NATCA began long before the Union’s 1987 election and Federal Labor Relations Authority certification. It began with John F. Thornton, a gifted and influential leader whose passion for representing the interests of the nation’s air traffic controllers began with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO), and continued as a national organizer of NATCA.

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