NATCA Press Release

Top Controllers Saluted with Archie League Medal of Safety Award for Exceptional Saves in Critical Situations


WASHINGTON – The National Air Traffic Controllers Association on Monday will salute the best examples of air traffic controllers who displayed extraordinary skill, dedication and focus to ensure safety in critical situations in 2006 with its third annual “Archie League Medal of Safety” awards.

Named for the first air traffic controller, NATCA is honoring 10 controllers from around the country who were involved in nine different flight assists, or “saves.” They are:

Alaskan Region – Jonathan Eisenmayer, Fairbanks Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

Central Region – Chris Thigpen, Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center

Eastern Region – Bernie Nelson, Richmond, Va., ATCT

Great Lakes Region – David Murphy and Yasemin Parker, Champaign, Ill., ATCT and Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON)

New England Region – Stephen Schmalz, Boston Center

Northwest Mountain Region – Ivy Sylvain, Seattle TRACON

Southern Region– J.D. Smith, Pensacola TRACON

Southwest Region – Borden Byrd, Dallas-Fort Worth TRACON

Western Pacific Region – Michael Darling, Los Angeles (LAX) Tower


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