Archie League Honorable Mentions

Alaska Region

Travis Williams, Anchorage Tower

Eastern Region

Dusty Boariu, New York Center

Jody Cook, New York Center

Herbert “Chip” Degan, Atlantic City Tower

John Higgins, New York Center 

Steven Lund, New York Center

Susan Kelley-Marino, New York Center

Randy Throckmorton, Newark Tower

Great Lakes Region

Ronald Adamski, Chicago Midway Tower

Randy Kerr, Columbus Tower

Paul Khatcherian, Chicago TRACON

Southern Region

Robert Collins, Pensacola Tower

Bruce DeMotts, Pensacola TRACON

Howard Nix, Gulfport Tower

Tony Thompson, Gulfport Tower

Michael Williams, Mobile Tower 

Marcus Palmer, Mobile Tower

Andy Cantwell, Miami Tower

Southwest Region

Natalie Moloney, Houston TRACON 

Hugh McFarland, Houston TRACON

Michael Fountain, Houston TRACON

Western Pacific Region

Keith Bell, Southern California TRACON

Robert Fierro, Los Angeles International Tower

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