Gate to Gate Multimedia

Produced by NASA Ames Research Center and the Federal Aviation Administration

Welcome aboard Gate to Gate, a multimedia experience that introduces you to the air traffic management system: people, tools and work of air traffic control. This experience is brought to you by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In addition there is the Student Logbook, which is designed to enhance your multimedia experience as it relates to careers in air traffic management.                                                                                                             

Air traffic is expected to continue to grow rapidly well into the 21st century. For this growth to occur without producing gridlock in the sky and at airports, the capacity of the air traffic control system must be increased substantially. NASA Ames Research Center in cooperation with the FAA continues to develop software tools and procedures to assist air traffic controllers in managing air traffic more efficiently throughout all phases of flight. These tools are known collectively as the Center TRACON Automation System (CTAS). The heart of CTAS is a set of trajectory prediction algorithms which combine air traffic control radar data, aircraft performance data, flight plans, and wind predictions to compute a predicted trajectory for every aircraft being tracked by the air traffic control facility. Two of these tools, the Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) and the Final Approach Spacing Tool (FAST), are being prepared for delivery within the next few years to select air traffic control facilities. These tools will assist in the Approach phase of flight. At the same time, long term efforts are being directed at the Departure and En Route phases of flight. These new tools and procedures will enable controllers to work together with airlines and pilots to reduce delays and improve the predictability of airspace operations while also reducing the controller workload.

The purpose of Gate to Gate, is to familiarize you with the air traffic system as it operates today, and to demonstrate how some of these new tools fit into this system, providing a significant improvement in the flow of air traffic, thus allowing the capacity of the national airspace system to keep up with the demand from the traveling public.

This demonstration is divided into seven sections: Preflight, Takeoff, Departure, En Route, Descent, Approach and Landing. Each section is a phase in a commercial flight profile. These sections give information about the air traffic management system's contribution to each phase of a commercial flight.

Click here to view the Gate to Gate video presentation. 

FAA Career Guidance Package
Produced by NASA Ames Research Center and the Federal Aviation Administration.

This package is part of the Gate to Gate Multimedia demonstration with additional career guidance print materials for high school and community college students interested in air traffic control. There are 104 pages total in the Career Guidance Package. The first 67 pages can be studied without the Gate to Gate video demonstration. The remaining pages make up the Multimedia Student Logbook and are for use while viewing the Gate to Gate video.

PDF Version (File size 1.97MB) 
This is the Adobe Acrobat version created by NASA and the FAA. You can download the entire file here. It is an outstanding tool for schools to introduce students to the world of air traffic control.